Monday, 2 April 2018

Easter Weekend

Well this weekend hasn't exactly panned out the way I had hoped. I wanted a nice relaxed pyjamas and duvet kinda weekend - that did happen in some senses, but the food poisoning wasn't a welcome addition to it! So whilst we have both really relaxed and done nothing, it hasn't been particularly restful (being up all night on Thursday was rubbish...).

Silver lining though, it gave me time to finish some bits and bobs!

For those of you who don't follow me on Facebook and Instagram (why not?? There are links over on the left), this is my latest teddy. It is another following the lovely pattern by Elif T that I used for the previous two. This time I opted for some Rico Essentials Cotton DK for the main body, which I think worked really well. It's nice and firm and creates a really nice structure for the body. The Sirdar Crofter on the scarf makes him a little more snuggly too. This one is for my colleague Marcio, so I really hope he's happy with him. I think he is super cute! I've now managed to start the first of two unicorns for another colleague, Julie.

I also managed to finish another book, which puts me at 5/16 into my reading challenge, so I'm a little ahead now. That makes me happy! I really hated failing last years Goodreads challenge so I am pleased to be 2 books ahead for now. I've just started my 6th, so we shall see what happens.

On the cards for today? A bit more chilling before going back to work tomorrow. I'm currently sat listening to some Thin Lizzy and about to do a little work on my bullet journal. I want to get a few weeks put in there again. Managed one yesterday but then couldn't concentrate, so gave up. Feeling it today though so we shall see what my creative juices want to produce! Intending to upload "This Week" a bit later when I've had chance to throw the collage together. Watch this space x

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