Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Bujo Update

Just continuing from my post in January with the pages I have completed since!

Week 9 (part 1)

This is probably the first spread that I "designed" myself. I found some cute little doodle tutorials on Pinterest for the animal, but otherwise just went with the flow and am quite pleased with my first attempt at my own spread. I think it's super cute and a nice way to end a month! I have put a crochet tracker on the opposite page...

Crochet tracker

I'm going to keep adding to this one as the year goes on, drawing finished objects (to the best of my abilities!).

Week 9 (part 2)

Really happy with my month header here - it's cute and a bit different to my other ones that I have finished so far. It took me ages haha! Opposite is a pretty simple but effective spread to finish the rest of the week. I like this one and will probably stick with this theme quite often - the boxes are a decent size, and it all fits onto a page nicely.

Week 10

This took me forever. It started out looking a lot like week 9, but then I decided to start doodling...and I couldn't leave it half doodled. I nearly gave up and intended to come back to it later, but I finished and I think it looks good. I'm happy with my lettering on this page as well - it's a font that is simple of effective.

Week 11

My week off! This is my current week - can you tell that I was excited about my annual leave? Decided to throw some washi tape at this one, and I think it works nicely on the folded back corners. Also pretty happy with my rainbow gradient on the bottom - that's all pencil by the way.

Week 12

Was so happy with the washi tape that I used on the previous spread, that I went a bit mad on this one! I'm happy with the look of this spread though - it's nice and colourful and totally different to all of my previous ones. I used a bit of scrap wrapping paper in the "odd" day box, just as a filler.

Week 13

Back with the washi tape! I am loving this spread and I got to use some of my new Mildliners on it - the grey work really well on the trackers. Just adds a bit of detail. It's been a while since I've done any hanging garlands, so I'm pleased with these. Can't believe I am about to start my April header page...where is this year going??

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