Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Owl Lovey

Just checking in to let you know that I have just finished my next little project - an owl lovey for my colleague to give to a friend!

I'm pretty pleased with the outcome! Decided to go a bit crazy with the colours, and mix it up a bit, but I think it looks cute. This is actually some of the cotton yarn leftover from my wedding bunting, so it was good to find a little project that I could finish some of that off with!

I used to Quinn The Owl Lovey pattern by Carolina Guzman, and it was so easy to work from. There were some excellent pictures and diagrams as well, which was really helpful. This was my first time working crocodile stitch, and although it's a little laborious it is well worth it! The pictures on how to do this were fab and much appreciated.

I took a few of the rounds off of the "blanket" because of deadlines. I think it still works though. Looking forward to giving this to my colleague tomorrow!

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