Friday, 23 February 2018


I know it's been a week, but I thought I would share a few of my pictures from our little mini break to London! I am so in love with this city, it's unreal!

Starting at the top left - we visited the Tower of London, which is somewhere I have always wanted to go to but never have! It lived up to expectations...I do love a good castle! Was also cool to see the Crown Jewels as well. Next up is Covent Garden, which is a place we both really love. We stopped for some crepes in the afternoon, which was nice. Also watched some of the street entertainers, as Covent Garden is famous for them! Top right is a little shot of Picadilly Circus, which was near(ish) to our hotel. Middle left is a raven selfie at the Tower of London! Shocked at how big these birds are, and cool to see them in the flesh - they were super tame but I didn't risk stroking them...massive beaks and didn't want to get bitten! Middle is a nice evening shot of Westminster (sadly, Big Ben is under scaffolding at the moment). China Town! I love China Town. It just appears from nowhere, and where it was Chinese New Year it was even cooler than usual - they had thousands of lanterns up! Bottom left is the Imperial War Museum, which was another first for the two of us. A really good place! The Holocaust exhibition was amazing - I don't think it's entirely appropriate to say that I enjoyed it as such, because of the nature of the subject, but it was really well done and super informative. Middle bottom is just a little view over the river from Westminster - the weather was very kind to us! And last but not least, one of the only pictures I took of the Churchill War Rooms. This is a drilled out corridor that had been cemented up after the war. We both really enjoyed it in here and would recommend!

As you can see, we were busy. We walked so far (approx 8-10 miles each day) and caught the tube a couple of times as well. There is so much to see in London, and I love visiting every couple of years and seeing what has changed. We did also stop by the Horse Guards and Trafalgar Square, as those are a must, but I didn't really take any pictures. Also wandered along South Bank on Friday evening, which was nice! Am already looking forward to going back at some point - London is such an awesome city!

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