Sunday, 3 December 2017

My Summer Mosaic

I have just finished my Summer Mosaic blanket! Well, technically I made the last stitch last night, but this evening I crocheted in the ends and tidied it up - I am so happy with it!

Photo courtesy of my lovely husband! One positive about this blanket - if people ask how big it is, I can answer 5'6" haha! I'm so pleased with how it's worked out. The colours work nicely together and I think it'll compliment the bedroom really nicely...when I actually get round to sorting the bed out anyway.

What can I say about the pattern? I bloomin' loved it! There were a few tricky moments, and I did have to restart one of the octagon blocks from scratch, but otherwise I didn't find it too bad. The errors were mainly down to my lack of counting, than the pattern itself. So Julie Yeager, you get a big thumbs up from me!

I still have a reasonable amount of leftover yarn, so I am intending to make a matching mandala and then frame it somewhere in the bedroom. Just to tie everything in together. I think that would look nice. It's good to have a project where the yarn measurements come out so nicely as well - I hate getting near to the end of a ball and panicking that it won't last! Anyway, the mandala is something for the future. No rush, don't know exactly when, but I have requests from people that I have been putting off for ages, that I really have to crack on with now. They've all been super patient while I indulged in my blanket, so now I really need to make their bits. First on the hook (and already started) teddies!

Anyway, if anyone fancies trying out this amazing pattern you can find it here on Ravelry. It's only $7.99 (approx £6.13) which is an absolute bargain, for the amount of effort that has gone into writing it. I have really enjoyed making this one!


  1. You are amazing! so is the blanket <3 the colours are beautiful. I cant wait to see it on the bed xx hope i get to snuggle under it when i come to stay xx

    1. Aaah thank you huni! I love it...the colours look fab in person! I will try and get the bed painted before Christmas, but don't know if it'll happen...eek! xxx