Thursday, 24 August 2017

Getting Stuff Done!

I've had a really productive couple of days and am looking forward to sharing some pics with you all after the wedding! The table plan looked fab in the mock up, the favours are finished, and everything has arrived! I just have to go out and get a couple more bits today and all will be sorted.

I had a lovely day yesterday and ended up going all over the place. I drove over to Portesham in the morning to see my Grandparents, followed by a flying visit to drop some presents at my parents, and then back over to Westbourne to pick Gurpriya up from work. We then went for lunch!

Super yummy fish and chips at the Branksome Beach Café

After a delicious lunch, I dropped her off at the train station and then battled my way through traffic to Tescos, where I managed to find some paneer (much to my surprise) so then came home and spent some time cooking some Palak Paneer for my dinner! It turned out pretty well actually, but wasn't as good as the one Gurpriya made me a few weeks ago. A valiant attempt for a first effort without a recipe though!

I'm going to enjoy some more for my lunch today! It's really easy to make, I just think I need to double up on the spices next time I make it. At least I know that our local Tescos stocks paneer now. Saying that, there are lots of world supermarkets in the area so I could easily get some with a little effort.

Another awesome factor of yesterday, was arriving home to find our water lily had started blooming!

So all in all, Wednesday was fantastic. Today is my last day to myself before the wedding, as Dave is off work tomorrow. I need to pop out and get these last few bits but otherwise I will be pottering around the house. I think we are all organised and ready to rock with the wedding now, so just counting down these last 48hrs! It's mad to think that in a few days we will be married and we won't be planning the wedding anymore. But then we will have the honeymoon to look forward to!

One last thing before I go - I finished The Rats last night, so now I am only 1 book behind my Goodreads challenge schedule. Hopefully I'll be able to finish another one over the weekend.

Monday, 21 August 2017

Fallen Behind

I hate being behind on my Goodreads challenge, and at the moment I am 2 books behind schedule (eek) on just 9 for the year so far. Don't get me wrong, I'm doing well (considering all of the planning I have been doing this year) but I do really need to catch up. Hopefully I will be able to power through some pages on our Mini-Moon, after the wedding.

On a reasonably healthy 3,639 pages for 2017, which isn't too shabby. My annual record was back in 2015 with 7,027 pages in a year. I am hoping to try and beat that this year but we shall see what happens. As for my "Reading Challenge" list that I started earlier in the year, I have currently completed 16/50 items. There are some that I'm certain won't be checked off ("a classic romance" definitely being one of them!!!) but I hope to get a few more items ticked off before the end of the year.

I'm currently halfway through The Rats by James Herbert, which is a book I was recommended years and years ago. The good thing is that it's relatively short, fast paced, and pretty easy reading (yes, I class people being eaten alive by giant rats as "easy reading"). I should have it finished by the end of the week so that I can start something fresh for after our wedding!

It's a struggle trying to juggle all of my hobbies at the moment. I have nearly finished Sam's rooster - just the feet and finishing touches to go - but at the same time want to focus on my reading, amongst other things. I have a few other projects going on, including restoring some old photographs for Dave's Mum, which I am really enjoying. There just needs to be more hours in the day!

Week 33

Happy days!

13th - 20th August

From left to right: beautiful nature, playing around with our table plan, tea and reading time, frying chicken, a frog eating a caterpillar (photo courtesy of Dave's Dad), back to the dress shop for my final fitting, our lilypads are doing really well, fab friends, and a gorgeous wedding gift from Kara and Marcio <3

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Hen Do...Part 2!

Sorry for my recent quiet spell, I have been doing the last minute planning for our wedding (which is 6 days away!!). I just wanted to take the time to share a few pics from my awesome work hen do with you all. I went out on Friday night with an open invitation to everyone at work, and the turn out was good! Here are some of our antics...

It was a fantastic night spent with some really special people, and I'm so grateful they all came along! I drank my first cocktail (aged 28 haha) and had such a good time. It's mad to admit that this is the first time I have ever done anything like this, due to my nerves, so that shows how fab this lot are - helping me overcome obstacles! 

The real countdown is now on and I have a few things left to do for the wedding. I am off work this week though, so have plenty of time to focus and get stuff sorted out. I'll also hopefully get a little bit of time to relax and recuperate from all the hard work I've been doing! I'll have loads to share after the wedding - I really want to show you some of what is planned but it'll ruin the surprise for the day, so will have to restrain myself for now. Rest assured, you will see it all afterwards though!

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Week 32

Family and food!

6th - 13th August

From left to right: one of the roses we salvaged from the old garden, "cheat and sour pork", something borrowed, movie night with lovely people, little shroomies in the lawn!, poached eggs and buttered toast, cheeky Nandos, Dave and a "snap snap", and noodles for dinner.

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Week 31

Lots of green!

30th July - 6th August

From left to right: wooden dinosaurs, our funky fairy light chillies, a box of tablet, peanuts in my bluetit feeder, amazing Palak Paneer, white wine needed, our new dragonfly, bee friendly garden plants, and beautiful blue salvia!