Monday, 27 March 2017

Week 12

Sunny spring days!

19th - 26th March

From left to right: posting wedding invitations, our engagement roses are looking good, first BBQ of the year, a peek into the bunting flower bag, a pretty peacock butterfly in the garden, back to flags, Bailey and his woodpecker, my lounge is filled with roses this week, and Pat gave me my Easter eggs!

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Back To Flags

Since putting together my first 5m at the weekend, I have regressed back to making bunting flags again and have put in a little yarn order to top up my supply of certain colours! It's going well and I have already created enough of the yellow/orange large flags to finish my first bunting garland and also for my second. I just have the small ones to do, and yellow/orange shall be finished! That's a little way off yet though. Have now started on my lemon/lime flags, and have made a couple today so that's heading in the right direction! I do absolutely love the pattern and how quickly each piece seems to come together. It's also a really nice, easy size for me to take to work and do on my lunch break - even just half an hour of stitching is better than nothing at all!

My second bag of pearl buttons has arrived (these are a slightly larger size) so I should be able to start attaching flowers to garland #1 now. To be honest though, I may just make sure I have all of the flags finished and joined in, before I start messing about attaching the flowers. I have already come up with the plan of having a movie day with my friend Sarah, sitting at opposite ends of the sofa, and working our way through a movie marathon whilst attaching flowers, working our way inwards haha! It works in theory...! Anyway, the flowers are all made, so I can start on that whenever I like.

Exciting news! Today I posted off some of our wedding invitations!

I am going to put the others in envelopes over the weekend, but it's a good start! Planning is getting there, and we don't have too much left to do...I am surprisingly relaxed as well. On a (sort of) wedding themed note; Kirsty's hen do is in a couple of weeks and that has taken lots of planning - looking forward to it! And a hen do means an imminent wedding! Much excitement!

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Week 11

Spring flowers, more bunting, and early starts!

12th - 19th March

From left to right: a cup of tea to start the day, cherry blossom, lovely shabby decor at Sopley Mill, yet more daffodils, throwing some white into the mix, a walk to the shops via the pond, 5m of bunting, getting to work at 07:30, and pretty stationary!

The 5m Mark

I have created 5m of bunting, and this is what it looks like!

63 flags!

I have currently run out of flags so need to get stitching again, but how cool do they look! I've opted to go for the rainbow gradient order of flags, as shown in the original pattern, and I love how it's turned out. I must stress that the white "ribbon" is still in progress - I just need to get to the end before I can turn and do another row. I've worked out that this is approx 5m of bunting. I'm going to do a final metre (or one more cycle of colours) and then leave that as the final length...then start all over again for the other side of the bridge!

Here's where it is going!

The bridge measures around 5m or so, but I want the bunting to drape rather just be taut, so I'm going to make the extra metre so it looks spot on. It should go along there quite nicely though! I don't doubt that I will be sick of making flags by August though...

I have finished going through the colour cycles of flowers in both large and small sizes, so I'm hoping those will be enough for the bunting in it's entirety. I guess I'll cross that bridge when I come to it (no pun intended!). Anyway, it's bed time for me, back to work tomorrow and then flag making again in the evenings!

Monday, 13 March 2017

Week 10

Lots of lovely colourful crochet,  and the start of garden time again!

5th - 12th March

From left to right: spring time is finally here, my final colour palette for my bunting, Kirsty's lovely fish tank, a really cute pin cushion from Pat, cherry blossom, lots of single crochet, sparkles, my owl bird feeder, and another bunting picture because why not!

Sunday, 5 March 2017


Our wedding bunting is going really, really well! It's only been in progress for a couple of weeks but so far I have made:

  • 29 large flags
  • 29 small flags
  • 47 large flowers

I'll start on my small flowers once I have made large ones in all of the colours. It's all coming together well though! No idea how much I need to make yet, so I'll just keep going til I'm bored!

Wedding planning is going well too! We have a venue, caterer, some entertainment, a photographer, and are in the process of booking a florist. Last weekend I bought my dress - so exciting!

My bridal party, mother and future mother-in-law!

We managed to find a dress in about an hour and half, which has got to be some kind of a record. Love it though and can't wait to wear it in August.

So all of that busy-ness kind of explains my recent absence from the blogging world. I have been pretty active on Facebook and Instagram as of late though, so check me out there! 

Week 9

Pancakes, candles and yet more bunting!

26th February - 5th March

From left to right: beefy noodles for dinner, started another candle, small triangle pile is growing, lunch in Moreton Tea Rooms with Nicky and Nick, when your colleagues accessorise you, loving Spring times, pancakes, my awesome blue tit bird feeder from Kelly, and a tiny end-of-day treat from my manager!

Week 8

A ton of crochet!

19th - 26th February

From left to right: working on another large flag, sunny day, my brother won a scholarship!, official countdown continues, pretty mosaic, stripes of flags, Storm Doris debris - wouldn't fancy being hit by those, organised stripes, and closeup stitches!