Sunday, 12 February 2017

Tabby Cat

So I finally finished the tabby cat that I was intending to make for my colleague Margaret for Christmas - she wanted to give it to her Granddaughter. I've been totally rubbish and only just managed to get him done, but how cute can a kitty get!

I used the same pattern as I did for my Henry cat - "Charlie the Kitten" by Kate E. Hancock. Had lots of fun working it in different colours! I also love the fact that despite using the same pattern, this kitty looks totally different to my other one (just realised I never actually blogged about Henry, so you can see him top left in this weekly collage). Weird huh?

Front and back

I gave him some super sweet stripes on his back to try and make a point that he is a tabby cat - initially wanted to single crochet them on but eventually opted for just embroidering them. I think it works well!

Next job on my list are some little baby shoes for my lovely colleague Sue! And then some teddies for Nurse Adrienne - the to-do list is never ending! After that it's bunting for Kirsty's wedding (which I may boost up the list) and other bits and bobs. I am also eyeing up the gorgeous cardigan on the front of Simply Crochet's Issue 54 - it's stunning! So many things to make and so little time. I've hardly progressed on my reading challenge in the last month either...eek!

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