Monday, 20 February 2017

Week 7

The start of another couple of projects, and lots of cooking!

12th - 19th February

From left to right: cute kitty buttons, stir frying, hazy mornings, giving our notice of marriage at Poole Registry, the start of our wedding bunting, my brother's amazing Valentine's card from his girlfriend (inside it says "joke, it's tiny"), giant turkey burgers with wedges and halloumi, a practice bee that my Mum has crocheted for the bunting, and Sue's finished baby booties for her Granddaughter Harriet!

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Tiny Shoes

I was asked before Christmas if I could make some little shoes for my colleague Sue's new baby Granddaughter. Like lots of other projects, I had to put it to one side over the Christmas season, but finally started them on Monday and finished this morning! And they are SO cute!

I used some leftover Paton's 100% cotton DK that I had left from a blanket project I finished a few years ago, and bought some cute little kitty buttons yesterday! Really pleased with the outcome - the buttons match the yarn colour really nicely and add a touch of cute to the booties.

The pattern - Mary Jane Rosebud Baby Booties by Hopeful Honey Designs - was nice and easy to follow and really well written! Hopeful Honey Designs has loads of other really cute bootie designs in their shop too, so lots to choose from.

I love how quick and easy these were to finish - they have literally only taken a couple of hours from start to finish and the most time consuming part was attaching the little rosebuds!

I hope baby Harriet likes them!

Monday, 13 February 2017

Week 6

Amigurumi, tasty dinner and my gift from Amsterdam...

5th - 12th February

From left to right: stunning ice patterns on my windscreen before work, "griddled midget trees and spears with eggs", a lavender and lime kind of evening, lunch out with Ruben means toys at the table!, Ben's jellyfish above his bed, my gorgeous gift from Amsterdam - thanks Dave!, "Chez Fred" the chick (our new phone room mascot), finished tabby cat, and a cute little cactus for a lovely friend!

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Tabby Cat

So I finally finished the tabby cat that I was intending to make for my colleague Margaret for Christmas - she wanted to give it to her Granddaughter. I've been totally rubbish and only just managed to get him done, but how cute can a kitty get!

I used the same pattern as I did for my Henry cat - "Charlie the Kitten" by Kate E. Hancock. Had lots of fun working it in different colours! I also love the fact that despite using the same pattern, this kitty looks totally different to my other one (just realised I never actually blogged about Henry, so you can see him top left in this weekly collage). Weird huh?

Front and back

I gave him some super sweet stripes on his back to try and make a point that he is a tabby cat - initially wanted to single crochet them on but eventually opted for just embroidering them. I think it works well!

Next job on my list are some little baby shoes for my lovely colleague Sue! And then some teddies for Nurse Adrienne - the to-do list is never ending! After that it's bunting for Kirsty's wedding (which I may boost up the list) and other bits and bobs. I am also eyeing up the gorgeous cardigan on the front of Simply Crochet's Issue 54 - it's stunning! So many things to make and so little time. I've hardly progressed on my reading challenge in the last month either...eek!

Tuesday, 7 February 2017


Remember this project?

It took me months to get it to him, but Ben finally has his amigurumi jellyfish! And his Mummy has sent me a picture of it in it's new home!

Ben's jellyfish is now swimming above his bed, with his Nemo and Dory bauble! I'm intending to try and knock a few more of these out in due course, but I'm just glad that I eventually got this one to Ben! Woohoo! Always nice to see your work being appreciated.

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Week 5

What a nice week!

29th January - 5th February

From left to right: daffodils in my lounge, pork stir fried rice, cold and wet walk to work, an awesome wedding beetle, beautiful sunrise over Westbourne, Happy Chinese New Year, watching the lions dancing at Wah Hing Chinese Supermarket, I got a sticker for being good at work, and cold beachy walks with my Grandparents!

Week 4

A wedding! And some fog...

22nd - 29th January

From left to right: Dave Bought a copy of Escape From Colditz, St George's church in Fordington, cheesy chicken and spinach for dinner, went makeup shopping with Kirsty - note to self; we can't contour for shit, a foggy walk into work, our freebies from the Italian Villa wedding fair, day 3 and still foggy, our save-a-date cards, and all suited and booted for Nicky and Nick's wedding!

Week 3

Super chilly wedding venue shopping!

15th - 22nd January

From left to right: pretty pink vapour trails, the most gorgeous magazine cover was waiting for me after work, Dave made friends with a seal whilst climbing, the ceremony room at The Old Vicarage, teeny tiny ice crystals, char siu pork with rice and wilted garlic spinach, an old barn, bought some party bits, and the official countdown begins!