Monday, 28 November 2016

Christmas Wrapping 2016

I started wrapping my Christmas presents on Thursday, after months of trying to find a look that I liked! I eventually went with this...

Grey and stars! I absolutely love it - simple but effective. All of the goodies came from Cox & Cox, which is a new discovery for me. They have some absolutely gorgeous items on their website, so I'll definitely be back in the future!

I've cut down on Christmas this year, as previously I have spent way too much, and now I have a wedding to think about! Anyway, I have halved my budget so my present pile doesn't look as big as usual, but hopefully people will like what I have bought them. 

The countdown is now officially on! Less than a month to go - I have a little bit of shopping left to do, but I'm pretty confident about being finished in time. We are spending Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with Dave's parents, which is going to make a nice change, and then Boxing Day with my family in Dorchester. So it's going to be hectic! I'd love to hear what you are all doing over the festive season, and also see what your wrapping is looking like! 

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