Sunday, 2 October 2016

Lovely Walk!

I had a really nice start to my week off, yesterday! Sarah came over with Ruben and we went for lunch at the garden centre (which was super yummy) and then followed that with a walk! Our route was a bit of a funny one, but made sense to us...

We followed the blue route, and parked at Upton Country Park, then walked around the bay to B&Q haha! Sarah wanted to look at wallpapers, but in the end we just sat in the café and had a drink before walking back to the car.

The weather was almost perfect (there was a brief shower followed by a rainbow) and it made a nice change to go for a wander...even if we did park somewhere rural and then walk back into town to a retail park haha!

Ruben was on top form yesterday - everything was hilarious and he was really up for playing and messing around! And it meant Sarah and I could have a bit of girl time as well =)

I go back to work on the 10th October, so I have a week ahead of me to chill and get some stuff done around the house. I have a few things planned; lunch with Kelly and visiting my Grandparents tomorrow, and a doctors appointment on Wednesday, but that's it. I'll just take the week as it comes and see what happens! Hoping to try and make a dent in my Christmas shopping if I can!

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