Friday, 28 October 2016

Week 43

Autumn is definitely here!

21st - 28th October

From left to right: melting butter to make curry, dewy mornings, flu clinics, an almost frosty pansy, mist at 10am, leaving work in the dark, some seriously bad parking, a little more work on Kirsty's cardigan, and some beautiful Autumnal colours!

Friday, 21 October 2016

Week 42

Stitching, hospital and an anniversary!

14th - 21st October

From left to right: an evening rainbow, flu season has begun - my t-shirt says so!, a colleague hid one of the peas so Margaret donated her orange so the others didn't get lonely, hospital with the other half..., wings, doctors waiting room, got my ears syringed today, a card from the Queen (for my Grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary), and rows of the cardigan!

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Week 41

More finished projects!

7th - 14th October

From left to right: Henry the cat!, found these two owl cute!, tentacles, a night at the movies, paving, the gorgeous card I've bought for my Grandparents' anniversary, parked next to a ferrari at work, finished jellyfish, and my practice manager brought in some amazing Polish cakes for her birthday!

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Friendly Jellyfish

Did a nice and simple quick make yesterday, and followed the Friendly Jellyfish pattern from One Dog Woof. I absolutely love the results!

He sparkles, which looks nice! I'm really pleased with the outcome. It's a little pressie for my lovely little friend Ben, whose Mummy requested one a few months ago. I might make it a little buddy at some point, but I do love this blue one! That's 3 finished projects this week now - I'm on fire!

Last night I went to the cinema with Dave's Mum, to see The Girl On The Train. She had previously read the book so had a rough idea of the plot, but I went into the unknown.

It was really good! We both enjoyed it, and I am going to put this book next in line on my to-read list, just so I can compare it to the film. 

Plans for today? Well, Dave has gone out rock climbing. I've woken up with a massive headache for some reason, so not sure what I'll do. I might make a start on Kirsty's cardigan...

Friday, 7 October 2016

Week 40

Week off!

30th September - 7th October

From left to right: woodland walks, a trip to Dorchester, the yarn for Kirsty's cardigan arrived!, little glass flowers, cooking lunch, peas in a pod!, cute ceiling bunting and lights in Re-Loved Dorchester, kitty toes, wandering around Holes Bay.

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Amigurumi Fruit & Veg

So you may have noticed some little pics in my weekly collages of the amigurumi bits I've been making for colleagues at work. I've shared pics on Facebook but hadn't thought to add any decent photos on here! So, having just finished my peas in a pod, I thought I'd put them all up at once.

Margaret's orange - "Herbert"

Lesley's strawberry - Sidney

Fiona's bean - as yet, unnamed, because I just finished it

And just for good measure, because I haven't shared this picture here either, here is one of Margaret's orange, complete with some accessories!

I have been well and truly bitten by the amigurumi bug again. I know these are all super basic, but it's been nice to make a couple of short and simple patterns that are finished within a couple of opposed to a couple of years! My colleagues have really appreciated these as well, so that's an added bonus.

Next up, is Henry the cat, which hopefully won't take too long either. Time to start him!

Lovely Walk!

I had a really nice start to my week off, yesterday! Sarah came over with Ruben and we went for lunch at the garden centre (which was super yummy) and then followed that with a walk! Our route was a bit of a funny one, but made sense to us...

We followed the blue route, and parked at Upton Country Park, then walked around the bay to B&Q haha! Sarah wanted to look at wallpapers, but in the end we just sat in the café and had a drink before walking back to the car.

The weather was almost perfect (there was a brief shower followed by a rainbow) and it made a nice change to go for a wander...even if we did park somewhere rural and then walk back into town to a retail park haha!

Ruben was on top form yesterday - everything was hilarious and he was really up for playing and messing around! And it meant Sarah and I could have a bit of girl time as well =)

I go back to work on the 10th October, so I have a week ahead of me to chill and get some stuff done around the house. I have a few things planned; lunch with Kelly and visiting my Grandparents tomorrow, and a doctors appointment on Wednesday, but that's it. I'll just take the week as it comes and see what happens! Hoping to try and make a dent in my Christmas shopping if I can!

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Week 39

Little peas, and flowers!

23rd - 30th September

From left to right: my first pea for Fiona's amigurumi bean, huddling under blankets in the evenings now, two happy peas, we decorated the bean at work - it now grows all kinds of fruits, bacon!, lots of single crochets, my new theme on my phone, replanted our front door pots, and Margaret started accessorising Herbert the orange!