Saturday, 24 September 2016

Pretty Pots

There's been a job that's been niggling at me for a little while, so this morning I took a trip to the garden centre, and have replanted our front door flower pots! The dahlias have been gorgeous over the summer, but they have finally given up and have been making the front of the house look scruffy. I mean, come on...

Oh the shame!

So now, we have some lovely pansies and cyclamens to brighten up our door. And it looks so much more welcoming (not that that would've been difficult!).

I also gave the step and mat a good sweep down. I do need to buy a new door mat at some point, but that can wait. At least we have pretty pots now! Here's a close up...

That little spruce up only cost £20 as well, which I think is pretty good from a big garden centre! Minimal effort, but maximum impact. I think they look nice! What do you think?

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