Saturday, 24 September 2016

Pretty Pots

There's been a job that's been niggling at me for a little while, so this morning I took a trip to the garden centre, and have replanted our front door flower pots! The dahlias have been gorgeous over the summer, but they have finally given up and have been making the front of the house look scruffy. I mean, come on...

Oh the shame!

So now, we have some lovely pansies and cyclamens to brighten up our door. And it looks so much more welcoming (not that that would've been difficult!).

I also gave the step and mat a good sweep down. I do need to buy a new door mat at some point, but that can wait. At least we have pretty pots now! Here's a close up...

That little spruce up only cost £20 as well, which I think is pretty good from a big garden centre! Minimal effort, but maximum impact. I think they look nice! What do you think?

Friday, 23 September 2016

Week 38

A return to amigurumi! And lots of food, of course!

16th - 23rd September

From left to right: hello kitty!, "Herbert" the orange, Emma cracking up playing Cards Against Humanity, steak with creamy spinach sauce, my wonderful Grandmother sitting in the Lotus, a yet unnamed strawberry, it felt very strange working in spirals again, couriers leaving a parcel in a secure location..., and seriously delicious broccoli and asparagus with bacon and poached eggs!

Sunday, 18 September 2016

New Projects

Before I say anything, this cute kitty came and visited us today!

I just wanna cuddle him, and keep him forever!

IN OTHER NEWS, I have been feeling the crochet itch after having a well deserved week off. I finished a 400 page book, and have rested my fingers, but I am now feeling ready to start something new. And what shall that be? I have an ever-growing list of items to make for people!

First up will be an amigurumi orange, for my colleague Margaret. I drew a face on an orange at work and this thing hung around for a few weeks, slowly acquiring accessories...and mould. Unfortunately, it had to be thrown away, so I promised that I would make a new orange for Margaret.

Next, a strawberry and a cat, for another colleague, Lesley. She is our office strawberry fairy, and always leaves them on peoples' desks, so I am going to make her an everlasting strawberry. I also want to make her cat, Henry, for her. Two nice and simple projects!

That will be followed by a bean! Another work project - after finally discovering that the mystery bean at work was infact a Sword Bean, the office lovingly cared for it, until it produced it's single fruit. That now resides at Dave's parents house. Fiona, keeper of the bean, wants to get rid of the original plant because it is now absolutely enormous. So, I intend to make a little bean plant for her to cherish forever haha!

I then need to make a jellyfish, for my lovely little friend Ben! His Mummy has requested one for his room, so that is on my list and will be ready before Christmas.

Once I have tackled those smaller projects (it's been some time since I did any proper amigurumi!), I am hoping to get started on a poncho/cardigan for my best friend, Kirsty. I'll be following this pattern for the Pauwau Poncho, and am just waiting for Kirsty to choose which colour she would like me to work it in. I've never made any item of clothing before, so that'll be a first! It looks relatively simple, judging by the pattern, so what can go wrong (eek!).

THEN, if I have any time remaining before Christmas, I want to make a few bits and bobs as decorations. This year I will be able to display my Christmas wreath for the first time, so that's exciting. It'd be nice to be able to add a few extras though, but we shall see...

Phew! That was quite a rant! Time for bed, and then the start of another week. Toodle pip! xxx

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Week 37

Finished objects!

9th - 16th September

From left to right: my lovely bathroom orchid, Mr Gizmo, out and about in the open top!, the lake that has formed in Westbourne, my lovely finished Lily Pond blanket, making naughty pasta bake, sent a picture of my owl blanket in it's home, dark clouds heading towards work, and adding mozzarella to dinner - yum!

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Lilypond CAL!

I have finished my blanket! I'm actually a few days late in posting, but I have had a few things come up that have distracted me since finishing on Saturday morning. So the wait is over, and here is my finished Lilypond!

It matches my sofa, beautifully!

I'm so pleased with the finished outcome! The colours are amazing, the 3D element is gorgeous, and I am super proud of myself for getting it finished in time for Pat's birthday! It was tight though! I only finished weaving in the ends on Saturday morning, and gave it to her in the afternoon!

A rough idea of the size!

Despite my cup-of-tea disaster a few weeks ago, everything has turned out fine. The only parts I am unhappy with are the joins to the inside corner pieces - the corner blocks worked up a lot smaller than intended and it warped the blanket during joining. In hindsight, it would've been beneficial to add an extra round or so to the corner blocks, but I simply didn't have the time. I don't think it's overly noticeable though - I'm just being picky! Another very minor issue is the fact that I didn't add the final cream round to the edging. I did start it but I couldn't get it to look right (for some reason it just straightened the edge, rather than working to the ripple) so I decided to just leave it as it was. I do still think it looks pretty with just the pink rippled edge, so that's fine.

Would I do another CAL? Well, technically I didn't do this to time, so I am still a real-time CAL virgin, but it has definitely made me more interested in having a go. I'm definitely going to have a go at another Jane Crowfoot pattern (I really like her Persian Tiles blanket) in the future - they are all so unusual and different to anything else!

So there you have it - it took me 9 months, though I did take 3 months off because I was reading a couple of really good books. So technically only 6 months to complete. I don't think that's bad! I am now focusing on reading, to keep up with my Goodreads 2016 Reading Challenge, and am intending to start a couple of small new crochet projects in the next week or so.

If you want to have a go at making your own Lilypond blanket, you can find the pattern here on Ravelry! You can buy yarn packs on Wool Warehouse, which is where I purchased mine - they also have the alternative colourway "Cherry Blossom" available to buy on there. Happy stitching!

Week 36

So much crochet, as my deadline approaches!

2nd - 9th September

From left to right: rice for dinner, a bit of Hannibal Lecter, all of my finished crochet pieces, cup of tea in my Jersey mug!, joining progress, booking dinner with Kirsty and Dicky, vroom vroom, bulk cooking rice to use for packed lunches, and looking into my crochet bag at my almost-finished blanket!

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Week 35

It's been a foodie week!

26th August - 2nd September

From left to right: a new recipe for dinner (chicken, chorizo and spinach with mozzarella!), having my henna tattoo applied, my crochet disaster..., badger prints on our freshly laid weed membrane, more new food (chicken and new potato hash, with a poached egg), chilli chicken at the Dorset Indian Mela, my finished henna, motif #8, and the footprint culprit - a badger caught on camera!