Saturday, 6 August 2016


Today has been awesome! I had an early start and went straight into town, to go and collect my new glasses!

Before and after

I'm really happy with my new look! I didn't realise until I collected them today, how much bigger the frames are! But I feel like they suit me, so I'm pleased.

Once I got home, Dad and Owen paid a quick visit before going to a local guitar store. They were closely followed by Dave's parents (I discovered they were nearby in Wimborne and anticipated a visit, so managed to hide my Lilypond CAL in time) who stayed for coffee. So I got to see most of the family this morning!

I then spent a few hours doing housework, and wrapped some birthday presents for our friend Rich, before settling down to watch some films and do some crochet! I have managed to watch 3 films, finish my third motif #5 and start the fourth. I also indulged in a big punnet of raspberries and cooked myself some steak for dinner! I have even lit some candles this evening!

I literally couldn't have asked for a nicer Saturday. The only thing that I would've changed, would be to have Dave here, but he is working away in Coventry for the weekend.

Tomorrow is set to be a pretty busy one - I have the morning to myself, and am then spending the afternoon with Sarah, Ruben, and a few others. We are intending to visit the Dorset Arts & Crafts Exhibition, which has been fantastic for the last few years that I have attended, so hopefully this year will be just as good! I'll try and take some pictures, and fill you in on it tomorrow!

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