Sunday, 21 August 2016

Motif #7

After a really lovely, relaxing week off, I have a lot of blanket progress to show for it! I have finished my #6 motifs, and started the 7th today. So here is the fruit of today's labours!

Front and back

I wanted to share both the front and back of this square, because I feel the back is equally pretty. I love the lacy appearance to it! I don't think this is my favourite of the flower squares so far, but it is still cute.

My first 4 flower motifs

With my deadline in September looming, I was freaking out a week ago, but I am now feeling a little more confident. The one thing I feel is really holding me back, is yarn - I have almost entirely run out of the light green used in this square. So last night I made an order for more and really hope it arrives in the next day or so, enabling me to try and maintain the speed I have built up in the last week and a bit!

I'm keeping everything crossed!

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