Sunday, 3 July 2016

I Finally Did It!

Hi, my name is Siân. It has been about 2 months since I last picked up a crochet hook.

I literally have no idea what happened - since having the flu, I just haven't been motivated to work on anything. Yeah sure, I have read a couple of books (that's definitely a good thing) but it hasn't been helping me towards my goal of finishing my Lily Pond blanket for Pat's birthday in September! The date is looming too, and it's scared me a bit!

So yesterday I literally forced myself to pick my hooks back up and work on my blanket. And thank god, I have been able to get some work done. I did 13 whole rows on this motif!

Ok, so shoot me...13 rows really isn't very much. But I crochet so painfully slowly nowadays - I'm so out of practise that it's embarrassing. I am chuffed though. I worked from the lime green at the bottom, which is good going. It means I have nearly finished the second of this motif (2 more to go).

This weekend has been super productive as a whole too, from a non crochet point of view as well. We have managed to get lots done in the garden, starting with adding some dahlias to brighten up our front door!

Welcome home!

What do you think?

We also spent lots of time in the back garden this morning - Dave did some hedge trimming and I did some weeding. I then planted some new plants from my Grandparents, and refilled my bird feeders.

I have discovered that I need to buy some more mealworms - my birdies love mealworms!

Bonus picture! This little fella was sitting here all day...

Firstly, I am impressed that I managed to get so close (if it jumped on me, I'd have screamed like a little girl) and secondly, I am really impressed at the level of detail that my mobile camera picked up!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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