Friday, 29 July 2016

Week 30

Family, food, and fun times!

22nd - 29th July

From left to right: my first finished square of motif #5, waffles with Owen and Emma, I caught a Gastly on PokémonGo today, haircut!, flowers on the mystery bean at work, starting a new lily, watching Jaws - one of my favourite films, Trypophobics beware (buttered crumpets for breakfast), and our rainy BBQ with the whole family!

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Rainy BBQ

I've had a really lovely day! I spent this morning working on my Lilypond CAL motif #5 and finished the first square!

I am so ridiculously pleased with how this has turned out! It really does look like a lily pad, and I love how 3D it gorgeous! One down and three to go!

After my crochet stint, I set about preparing food for our family BBQ this afternoon. I've been planning it for a couple of weeks, and it was the first time that both Dave's parents and my own, plus my brother, were together! Owen's girlfriend made it as well, so it was really special.

I went all out on food - peppercorn crusted burgers, maple and bacon sausages, chicken and chorizo kebabs, Jack Daniels BBQ chicken, potato wedges, and some potato and bacon salad - one of my favourite recipes! Dave did us proud with his BBQing skills. It all went really well! And then it started raining. But we sat out under the umbrella, and ate outside anyway. Classic British weather!

It's been a lovely weekend. Yesterday I went out for crepes and waffles with Owen and Emma, at Sprinkles Gelato in Bournemouth.

Excuse my brother's face! It was seriously yummy though. I opted for a crepe with maple syrup and strawberries, with vanilla ice cream! Emma had a cookie waffle with ice cream, and Owen went for an M&M waffle! So many calories have been consumed this weekend, but it's been a really special one! Back on the healthy eating as of tomorrow. I wouldn't change the last two days for the world though! I hope you've all have a good one. I'm now going to sit and start another #5 motif!

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Motif #5

I started the fifth motif for my Lilypond CAL a couple of days ago and here's how it is looking so far!

I've since added another row around the edge, but am loving how this flower is coming out! Such a beautiful pattern!

This motif is pretty time consuming. There's a lot of fiddling, but the outcome is definitely worth it! I'm so excited to see everything put together - I know it's a little way off, but it's getting is my deadline, so I really need to crack on!!

Week 29

Finally, some consistently beautiful weather!

15th - 22nd July

From left to right: loving this colourway, a beautiful zebra finch in Bournemouth gardens aviary, one of the oak trees growing in our lawn (a squirrel keeps burying them!), my yummy chicken and bacon pasta, managed to find some ice cubes to put in my drinks at work, lunch with Micha, my blue daisy is looking stunning, Bournemouth's pretty gardens at the weekend, and stunning blue skies to sit under whilst eating dinner =)

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Week 28

Birthdays, work, and Pokémon!

8th - 15th July

From left to right: special Star Wars pressies for a very lucky birthday boy, wondering why Uncle Dave is in a tunnel..., a beautiful morning in Westbourne, happy satsumas, there's a Rattata on my lap, a lovely visit to Compton Acres with Pat, creepy clouds over Poole and Bournemouth, BBQ chicken marinating before I've even gone to work, and blood test bruising!

Monday, 11 July 2016

Week 27

Flowers and proud moments!

1st - 8th July

From left to right: my lovely colleague Micha made some cupcakes, finally picked my hooks up again, a tiny grasshopper on my little blue daisy, I put a get well card around to be signed at work for a colleague, the stunning yellow dahlia that now lives outside our front door, my organ donor card - I am so proud of this moment, Ruben's 1st birthday card, mealworms for my birdies, and the other dahlia at the door =)

Week 26

Another amazing weekend...

24th June - 1st July

From left to right: the closest I will ever get to seeing ELO - watching Glastonbury on the tellybox, Chongqing soup...which nearly killed Dave, the amazing cake for Nicky's 50th, I feel very official with my badge at work now, the lovely surprise get together for Nicky, watching a squirrel dig holes in the lawn, Happy Birthday!, lots of presents for a wonderful lady, and purple muffins!

Week 25

A weekend way!

17th - 24th June

From left to right: a massive doggy mural in Brighton, the famous Brighton Pavilion, the yummiest chocolate on earth, black and white bridge, us, Arundel Castle, scones with lemon curd and cream for breakfast, soy glazed chicken for dinner, and a beautiful harris hawk at the falconry display at Arundel!

Week 24

Very exciting times ahead!

10th - 17th June

From left to right: playing with EGG with my lovely friend Kelly, I'm going to have to swim to my car..., wedding invite!, walking to work from my car, my beautiful new silver phoenix earrings arrived, wedding dress shopping with my bestie, the satisfaction of watching someone get a parking ticket, wedding countdown, and a pretty bouquet that a colleague bought for her Mum.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

I Finally Did It!

Hi, my name is Siân. It has been about 2 months since I last picked up a crochet hook.

I literally have no idea what happened - since having the flu, I just haven't been motivated to work on anything. Yeah sure, I have read a couple of books (that's definitely a good thing) but it hasn't been helping me towards my goal of finishing my Lily Pond blanket for Pat's birthday in September! The date is looming too, and it's scared me a bit!

So yesterday I literally forced myself to pick my hooks back up and work on my blanket. And thank god, I have been able to get some work done. I did 13 whole rows on this motif!

Ok, so shoot me...13 rows really isn't very much. But I crochet so painfully slowly nowadays - I'm so out of practise that it's embarrassing. I am chuffed though. I worked from the lime green at the bottom, which is good going. It means I have nearly finished the second of this motif (2 more to go).

This weekend has been super productive as a whole too, from a non crochet point of view as well. We have managed to get lots done in the garden, starting with adding some dahlias to brighten up our front door!

Welcome home!

What do you think?

We also spent lots of time in the back garden this morning - Dave did some hedge trimming and I did some weeding. I then planted some new plants from my Grandparents, and refilled my bird feeders.

I have discovered that I need to buy some more mealworms - my birdies love mealworms!

Bonus picture! This little fella was sitting here all day...

Firstly, I am impressed that I managed to get so close (if it jumped on me, I'd have screamed like a little girl) and secondly, I am really impressed at the level of detail that my mobile camera picked up!

Hope you all had a great weekend!