Monday, 20 June 2016

Brighton Whisky Festival 2016

We've just returned from a lovely weekend away in Brighton, attending the Brighton Whisky Festival and Arundel Castle!

Whisky Festival in full swing

I had never been to Brighton before, so it was good to have a walk about. I really want to go back at some point, because there were some seriously amazing shops - all very 'me'! So one day I will arrange a shopping trip with some friends, for sure!

Brighton Pavilion
The festival itself was really good fun. There was lots to look at, and 15 or so exhibitors with whisky from all over the world, so Dave was in his element!

We could come and go, so we went for a wander outside in the shopping streets every so often. We finished the day off by going to see the Pavilion, which I have always wanted to see. It's so pretty!

Dinner consisted of some of the best pizza I have ever had in Franco Manca - highly recommended!! All in all, it was a really great day! Our legs hurt afterwards though!

The next day, we visited Arundel Castle on our way home! I went once as a child but couldn't remember anything about the visit, so it was good to go and see it properly. The castle was first built in 1067, and it's so impressive. It's been beautifully restored over the years and is currently home to the Duke of Norfolk and his family.

Added bonus; there was a medieval event being hosted this weekend, so there was a lot more to see in addition to the castle itself! There was everything from falconry to battles, and stalls with blacksmiths and leathercraft - something for everyone.

It wouldn't be a day out unless I managed to find myself an owl or falcon to hold, so here is Toby the Eagle Owl!

Love his eyes!

How did you spend your weekend? A belated Happy Fathers Day to all of the Dad's in the UK, for yesterday!

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Week 23

Lots going on at the moment!

3rd - 10th June

From left to right: the carnations that my Grandparents gave me are settling in nicely, walking through Westbourne's pretty shopping arcade, pyjamas and book, nerdy fox, one of my lilies has been burnt!, loving my new Umbra frame, found an empty pigeon egg in the garden, finally finished the frames on our lounge shelves, and a butterfly on one of my scabiosa flowers!

Week 22

Lots of pretty flowers!

27th May - 3rd June

From left to right: our rhododendron is quite a late bloomer this year, bubbles!, that feeling when you're making breakfast and run out of butter, one of my alliums, the new addition to our lounge shelves, close up on my allium after a water, pink flowers and blue skies, went for a walk with Sarah and managed to get a blister on the inside of my toe, and a sports day certificate that Dave won in 1998 for winning the egg and spoon race!

Week 21

The end of an era, and a start of a new one!

20th - 27th May

From left to right: ready for work!, Dave broke his toe..., looking up the high street in Bridport, some naughty graffiti, a store that sells wet shaves and fudge!, classy hobos use wine glasses, yet more rain, my steam mop fell on my arm and I just know it's going to bruise, and I was awarded the daily orange at work haha!

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Week 20

A serious wildlife week =)

13th - 20th May

From left to right: one of my studio lights's what's left of the fuse, orange blossom in my lovely garden, bluebells, we had a visit from our local jay, Sarah's strawberry pot birthday present, wet and wild in Bridport, pretty pink sea thrift, a local leaflet board that I spammed for work, and one of our awesome metal drinking flowers (for birds...not us...)

Week 19

New car!

6th - 13th May

From left to right: relaxing in the beautiful sunshine, selfie!, loving this beautiful Aquilegia, trying to draw attention to my area in this weeks store, sunny lily, sat watching Kirsty's beautiful fish, a kid broke my favourite tiara prop, rain rain rain, and my lovely new car!