Monday, 2 May 2016

Reworking The Garden

I have had this last week off work, and have taken some time reworking the bottom flower beds. So with the help of Dave, and also my Dad in choosing some plants that hopefully won't die like my last ones did (no idea why!), we now have two immaculate flower beds, and bark topping to make it all pretty!

Corner bed

Patio bed

We are really pleased with how they have both turned out. Lots of different plants, from lilies to lavender, and thrift to bleeding hearts! Fingers crossed they last this time!

I really love the lilies. I have planted them in a different bed before and they didn't do too well, so it'll be interesting to see how these do. I also bought an orange cala lily, which is in the patio bed, but I am in love with this black one!

I'll post more pictures once it's more established! I now have to go and tend to the Mulligatawny soup that is currently simmering in the kitchen!

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