Sunday, 8 May 2016

Hottest Day Of The Year

Today has been a great day! Made by the fact that it followed a great night, having a meal with some lovely friends!

Photo take by the lovely Anderson!

I tried calamari for the first time, and absolutely loved it! I usually find it quite hard trying new things, so I'm quite proud of myself for that (how sad does that sound!).

Today, the weather has been the best of the year so far - classic Britain, it takes until May before we get some consistent nice weather! It's been so hot though, but with a nice breeze. We spent the majority of the day in car dealerships, trying to get me a new car for when I start my new job in a couple of weeks (we were eventually successful, might I add!), but once we came home, we lit the BBQ and had a late lunch/early dinner, and then I spent a few hours sat in the garden, reading. Absolute bliss! I hardly spent any time reading outside last year, so want to try and do more of it now that the weather is improving.

Our new flowers are looking beautiful, and have settled really well so far! Just making sure to keep everything watered as much as possible (especially today!) and keeping an eye on things. But at the moment, everything seems to have settled in nicely. I've even seen some bees on the French Lavender today, which is great! I really want to try and encourage as much wildlife into the garden as possible.

On the subject of wildlife, I also filled up my bird feeders for the first time in about 9 months. I found last year that the birds were just leaving the food and it was going mouldy (obviously finding food elsewhere) and I didn't see the point in wasting money on bird food that was just going to waste, so I stopped filling them up. I put some mealworms out last week and really enjoyed watching the Great Tits feeding from them, so today I decided to put out the mixed seed and peanuts. Low and behold, 5 minutes later there were birds checking out the peanut feeder! So now I can sit and watch my birds again. No birds in the video below, but I really wanted to record the gorgeous birdsong from one of our resident blackbirds! Excuse the traffic noise in the background.

Everything is looking gorgeous outside right now, and I'm really looking forward to sprucing up the other flower beds and making it all fit in.

Tomorrow I have a long list of housework to get through, including finishing painting the bathroom, along with the usual household chores. Boring but essential! If the weather is nice when I'm finished, I would love to relax outside again for a little while!

Week 18

Beautiful plants, and lovely time spent in the garden!

29th April - 6th May

From left to right: drip drop, I went along to Ruben's swimming session, trying to see how many building blocks I could balance on a cat, finally seeing some cherry blossom, my gorgeous bird bath, spending a fortune buying all of the new plants for our garden rework, a pretty accurate representation of how I feel this week (a 2hr commute to and from work), I cooked my first omelette and it was delicious!, and wrapping Bailey up in a blanket because he's a big softie!

Monday, 2 May 2016

Reworking The Garden

I have had this last week off work, and have taken some time reworking the bottom flower beds. So with the help of Dave, and also my Dad in choosing some plants that hopefully won't die like my last ones did (no idea why!), we now have two immaculate flower beds, and bark topping to make it all pretty!

Corner bed

Patio bed

We are really pleased with how they have both turned out. Lots of different plants, from lilies to lavender, and thrift to bleeding hearts! Fingers crossed they last this time!

I really love the lilies. I have planted them in a different bed before and they didn't do too well, so it'll be interesting to see how these do. I also bought an orange cala lily, which is in the patio bed, but I am in love with this black one!

I'll post more pictures once it's more established! I now have to go and tend to the Mulligatawny soup that is currently simmering in the kitchen!

Week 17

Time off!

22nd - 29th April
From left to right: weeded and turned over the bottom flowerbed, lucky to receive my two subscriptions in one day, angry evening skies, loving my colouring on this page, plant shopping with my Dad,"treated" to two boxes of chicken manure!, pretty flowers, today it snowed...and hailed..., my chicken and bacon pie!