Monday, 28 March 2016

Third Motif

After a bit of a hiatus since getting back from Jersey, I have finally picked my hooks up again this weekend! I have taken advantage of the Easter Bank Holiday and spent two days on my crochet. After finishing my last small lily motif, I made a start on the third style and finished one square today!

I'm so thrilled with the result! I absolutely love how it looks. The flower is ridiculous pretty, and so easy to do - I was shocked at how simple it actually was. Struggled a bit with the initial "fern" leaf stage but got there in the end after some playing around.

I have since made another flower and nearly finished a 3rd, after deciding I would make a batch of the blossoms at once and then do all of the green for each one afterwards. Now just gutted that I have to stop and go to bed so that I'm ready for work tomorrow! I've made good progress the last few days though.

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