Monday, 28 March 2016

Week 12

Super delicious pie, new bedding and my best friend...

18th - 25th March

From left to right: an amazing chicken pie made by Dicky, putting cuddly toys in naughty positions to wind up the shop assistants in Boscombe, "soup and cheese sandwich" - is that even possible?, my lovely new springtime bedding, Kirsty and I on a very special outing!, cooking with purple and green, ...and then adding sauce and spoiling the colours, standing on the edge, and another besties photo!

Week 11

A lovely outing with friends, a not-so-lovely meeting, and general weekly shenanigans!

11th - 18th March

From left to right: spending my evenings with my book, seagulls watching the sunset in Worthing, a lovely trip to Bournemouth Oceanarium with Rich, Sarah and Ruben, my "grumpy face" for a work scavenger hunt, me and the lovely Rae, jellyfish...yuck!, waving shadows in Northampton, jumping on the Face Swap band wagon, and finding a Nemesis Now fairy seller in Fareham shopping centre made me instantly think of Kirsty!

Week 10

Beaches, sunsets and competition...

4th - 11th March

From left to right: slight plaster crisis in our bathroom, watching a storm pass over Bournemouth in the distance, my Mum's awesome Mary Poppins umbrella for World Book Day, back in Andover, lucky to be living by the sea, a totally empty shopping mall, getting to work to find that I have a rival photographer set up opposite me, beachy phone box, and I kept getting to work and finding my teddy props in naughty positions!

Third Motif

After a bit of a hiatus since getting back from Jersey, I have finally picked my hooks up again this weekend! I have taken advantage of the Easter Bank Holiday and spent two days on my crochet. After finishing my last small lily motif, I made a start on the third style and finished one square today!

I'm so thrilled with the result! I absolutely love how it looks. The flower is ridiculous pretty, and so easy to do - I was shocked at how simple it actually was. Struggled a bit with the initial "fern" leaf stage but got there in the end after some playing around.

I have since made another flower and nearly finished a 3rd, after deciding I would make a batch of the blossoms at once and then do all of the green for each one afterwards. Now just gutted that I have to stop and go to bed so that I'm ready for work tomorrow! I've made good progress the last few days though.

Monday, 7 March 2016

This Week - 9 Weeks At Once!

I won't lie, I have really neglected my blogging so far this year. Work has been hectic, I was away for all but 8 days of February, and I haven't had the chance (or the motivation) to sit and put together my This Week collages. So here is a mega post for the first 9 weeks of the year!

Week 1

1st - 8th January

From left to right: I finally finished my Christmas wreath (in January haha), blue skies, Happy New Year!, the first monthly colouring project for Lucha Club 2016, chilling in my new pyjamas from Kirsty, a close up of some of the details of my wreath, my lovely One Line A Day memory book journal has begun, the start of another day, and my first hotel trip of the year...

Week 2

8th - 15th January

From left to right: frosty windscreens, progress on my next blanket project, playing with colour splashes at work, time for colouring, how the finished blanket should look, my new yarn arrived, sad to hear that David Bowie had died, stitching away, and stuck in a 3hr traffic jam...

Week 3

15th - 22nd January

From left to right: more colouring progress, super cold mornings in Portsmouth, Bailey posing for a selfie, finally a really close is only 15mins away this week, I love ice crystals, I came home to find ice on the drive that I had scraped from my windscreen this morning!, leaving icy love messages on Dave's car, rainbow gradient colouring, and our new table lamp for the lounge!

Week 4

22nd - 29th January

From left to right: funny salt and pepper shakers I found in Newbury, gorgeous flowers from Pat & Allan, making chocolate and hazelnut tarts, two blanket blocks finished, #tbt baby me, a very quiet day at work, prep for my Burn's Night supper, tucking into my Balmoral Chicken (chicken stuffed with haggis and wrapped in bacon), and dinner was served!

Week 5

29th January - 5th February

From left to right: travelling to Guernsey and this will be my view for the next 10hrs, pufferfish!, views across the coast in Guernsey, my new gloves were much needed, St Peter Port in the morning..., ...and in the evening, wind and rain welcomes you to the Channel Islands, a gorgeous Red Clownfish at the Guernsey Aquarium, and the high street in St Peter Port.

Week 6

5th - 12th February

From left to right: my ferry home was delayed for several hours due to bad weather, new dinosaur socks, so glad to see the coast of the Isle of Wight coming into view, a warm fire at my Grandparents house, new cat socks, so annoyed with a courier company for leaving my parcel in the bin, was woken at 2am by horrendous noises outside and discovered a badger trying to eat/claw through our back gate, pancake day, and good morning from a very cold Bridport.

Week 7

12th - 19th February

From left to right: got my packing priorities straight, finished the block sections of the blanket, another week and another ferry, ...and another cabin, fajitas for dinner, I bought some awesome prop glasses for work, the start of my next blanket blocks, progress, and tada!

Week 8

19th - 26th February

From left to right: pretty blue artwork in my hotel, an awesome gift from my friend, yet another colouring page finished (I really like this one), a trip to Jersey Zoo with Lynn, facepack time and I'm feeling like The Moon from The Mighty Boosh, this lovely flamingo let me pet her, delicious curry tonight, an eerily quiet lunchtime in St Helier, and a beautiful Christening cake on display at an expectant parent event at work.

Week 9

26th February - 4th March

From left to right: the steam clock in St Helier, hilarious mannequin that a lady at work got given for free (and now doesn't know what to do with it), sunsets on the way home, seriously windswept on a walk at St Catherine's, the market in St Helier, a beautiful sunset over Poole Harbour, glad to be back in Dorset haha, my wonderful friend Carinna and I, and watching snow and storms pass over Bournemouth...