Saturday, 2 January 2016

This Week: 2015

So there we have it; 2015 is done and dusted, and we are embarking into the new year! Despite only just getting the chance to upload my This Week features, I have managed to stick to the project for the whole year, as intended, and am really proud of myself! And what a year it's been...

I have worked in many different locations across the country, and made lots of new friends in doing so. I have stayed away a lot on my own, which is something that I would have never managed just a few years ago, so that makes me really proud. I have cooked and baked, and tried new foods. I have gardened, and started trying to make a mark on our outdoor space. I have read 18 books! I have watched an eclipse (ok, it was on tv but it was cloudy here when it happened!), been to a baby shower, and met the baby that it was for! I took my first trip to Scotland, and visited Edinburgh and Stirling. I have loved, laughed, and cried! Best of all though, I have achieved all of these things with my amazing boyfriend by my side, and the wonderful presence of my friends and family. You are all here in some shape or form in this collage! So I thank you all for making 2015 such a special year, and look forward to making 2016 just as special! And yes, I fully intend to continue this collage project into the new year, and hopefully end up with another lovely (and massive) collage to represent the next 52 weeks and all that will take place!

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