Sunday, 20 December 2015


I can finally post about my super secret African Flower project! Yesterday I gave my friend's baby his Christmas present, which included a giant dinosaur, based on the Puff the magic Stegosaurus pattern by Heidi Bears. This is what all those hexagons during the Summer were about!

Because of the size, it isn't the easiest thing to photograph, but I did get a few snaps from different angles!

I started work on my dinosaur on the 28th July and finished on the 27th September, so there is quite a bit of work involved. Making the individual motifs was great fun, and a style I hadn't worked in before, so I really enjoyed that part. As for the assembly, it's fiddly but the pattern is written incredibly well - Heidi is an absolute genius and couldn't have done a better job! I'm so pleased with the finished result as well!

I decided against the Stegosaurus spines in the end. I did originally attach them but wasn't happy with how they sat, so my Steggie became a Diplodocus instead, and I absolutely love him! The colours worked really well (the yarn is the Women's Institute Soft and Silky from Hobbycraft and was awesome to work with). It's super durable and lovely to touch. The colours available are fantastic too and worked perfectly for this project. At only £3 a ball (and on the 3 for 2 offer) it's also a bargain!

I am definitely going to try out some more Heidi Bear patterns in the future!

So there you have it - I can finally share this project with you all, and am really thrilled to do so! He was well received by his new owner yesterday, and will hopefully become a special toy in the future!

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