Sunday, 22 November 2015

Christmas 2015

As always, Christmas gift wrapping is a really big deal to me, and I have been scouting out the appropriate paper and embellishments for months now! I finally settled on an idea a few weeks ago though, and today I started putting my ideas into action!

Gift wrap, tags, snowflakes and jingle bells all from Paperchase. Twine reels from TK Maxx. Stars handmade by yours truly, using a pattern from Attic24.

So I had all my bits and bobs and was ready to rock! The first present is always a bit of a gamble, trying to get the look I want, but I'm pleased with the overall effect!

Each present will be subtly different, because of the different twines/ribbons, snowflake and star colours, but the overall idea is the same. Here are a few that I finished...

I also started adding in some wooden stars and ribbon scraps that I had left from other projects, just to carry on mixing it up a bit. I am in love with the star/snowflake/bell toppers though - they look so effective!

Wood and lots of sparkles! I have started, the next challenge is to finish. It'll be something that I work on over the next few weeks, leading up to Christmas. Hopefully I will get everything finished in time! At least I'm starting early.

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