Sunday, 22 November 2015

Christmas 2015

As always, Christmas gift wrapping is a really big deal to me, and I have been scouting out the appropriate paper and embellishments for months now! I finally settled on an idea a few weeks ago though, and today I started putting my ideas into action!

Gift wrap, tags, snowflakes and jingle bells all from Paperchase. Twine reels from TK Maxx. Stars handmade by yours truly, using a pattern from Attic24.

So I had all my bits and bobs and was ready to rock! The first present is always a bit of a gamble, trying to get the look I want, but I'm pleased with the overall effect!

Each present will be subtly different, because of the different twines/ribbons, snowflake and star colours, but the overall idea is the same. Here are a few that I finished...

I also started adding in some wooden stars and ribbon scraps that I had left from other projects, just to carry on mixing it up a bit. I am in love with the star/snowflake/bell toppers though - they look so effective!

Wood and lots of sparkles! I have started, the next challenge is to finish. It'll be something that I work on over the next few weeks, leading up to Christmas. Hopefully I will get everything finished in time! At least I'm starting early.

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Week 46

From Carmarthen, to Woolwich...

12th - 19th November

From left to right: finally finished this page in my colouring book (and am sooo happy with the results), my new addiction - Neko Atsume, working my Pudsey ears for Children in Need, Dave bought me some flowers, a view over South London, another week and another multistorey carpark, a very quiet Woolwich highstreet, more colouring, and another Christmas prop bought for work!

Week 45

Working in Carmarthen!

5th - 12th November

From left to right: literally the best drink ever, cat in a hat, the restaurant I spent my week in, hello from Wales, bought some insoles for my shoes to try and help with my foot problem, a giant bauble in Carmarthen, Bailey wearing his bobble hat, "long stay" parking spaces in Welsh, and lots of crochet stars!

Friday, 6 November 2015

Week 44

Gardening, cooking and getting ready for Christmas!

29th October - 5th November

From left to right: back in Winchester, really awesome street art in Boscombe at an exhibition, spending some time tidying the garden, our beautiful green space, cooking chilli, my amazing Christmas edition of Good Food magazine arrived, I treated myself to a gorgeous perfume, CHRISTMAS SHOP, and putting my bird feeders out for the winter!