Saturday, 17 October 2015

Autumn/Halloween Swap Parcel

The time has come for another swap parcel in the Kittypinkstars Lucha Club, and this time my lovely parcel included gifts from Lou!

Lou was super generous and really kept to this swaps theme of Autumn and Halloween - she sent me some yummy Green & Blacks chocolate, assorted Halloween sweeties (love the Cadbury's spiders!), foxy stickers, an Autumn Garden colouring book, pens for the colouring, a dapper fox postcard, and two gorgeous crocheted goodies - a pumpkin and a conker! Lou runs Yarntistry, so go and check out her Facebook page!

I unfortunately couldn't take more pictures of the unpacking process because I needed to pack for Scotland, but despite the lack of photos, I am sooo grateful for my parcel - thanks Lou!

I can, on this occasion, show you the parcel that I sent to my designated partner, Emma. I don't usually take photos of what I am sending out but Emma posted a lovely picture to the group page so I thought I'd show you all my attempt at Autumn/Halloween!

To Emma, from Shaz x

I read in a thread that Emma's favourite colours were teal and purple, so I hunted down a dreamcatcher for her (bought this one in Swanage whilst I was working there). I also included a stick of rock that I bought on my work travels, and a few postcards. Keeping to theme, I threw in some Halloween candies, a blow up skeleton, an army of spiders (who were hidden amongst the tissue paper that I packed this all in!), an Autumnal fox mug, owly treats, a fairy pen (just coz she was cute) and a pile of chocolate; Emma's favourite treat. The only completely random item was the green jelly drink (next to the mug) which I purchased at my local Chinese supermarket just because it looked cool - I have no idea what it was like haha!

Looking forward to the Christmas swap, coming up in November!!

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