Sunday, 13 September 2015

Present Making

This year, I really want to make some gifts for people, for Christmas. I started on a project a month ago and am close to finishing (I can't share it until after Christmas though, sorry!) and am now starting to look at other things I can make as small gifts for friends and family. Obviously I will be finishing my longterm project, Dave's blanket, before starting anything new now, but it's nice to look and work out what I want to start on afterwards!

I have found a couple of lovely wreath patterns on Ravelry, and intend to make one for our own home for Christmas, but I'm going to continue searching patterns to find perfect gifts for everyone...hopefully I will have the time to make them! It feels silly starting to talk about Christmas in September (I have started my shopping, to be fair) but when you make gifts you have to start so much earlier to get everything done!

Are you making any gifts for the holiday season? What are you making and who for?

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