Monday, 27 July 2015

The Women's Institute Yarn

This week I am going to start my next project! Dave's blanket is neeeeearly finished, but I ran out of yarn last night - always the way! So there is another ball of Ecru on the way, so I can do the last bit before the final dark border. In the mean time though, I will be working away on the Isle of Wight until the weekend and needed something to take with me. So I have found a new pattern for a plush, and went to buy the yarn this morning!

Being massively unorganised, as always, I only thought of doing this last night, so I went to my local Hobbycraft store to indulge - I found something really cool and had to buy it!

The Women's Institute Soft & Silky is a 100% acrylic yarn, available only from Hobbycraft stores (and their online shop). There are loads of different ranges available, but Soft & Silky comes in a beautiful spectrum of colours - I bought them all, bar two!

It comes in 100g balls, is 4ply, and is one of the softest acrylic yarns I have come across. Not even a hint of scratchiness, and it feels really high quality. Each ball costs £3, and according to the packaging "a minimum of 5p from the sale of this item will be given to the National Federation of Women's Institutes" - so thats' nice. You can read more about the Women's Institute here.

I'm pleased with this find though, and hopefully it will work well into my new project. I don't want to link to the pattern or anything at the moment, so watch this space.

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