Saturday, 4 July 2015

Summer Swap Parcel

It took me ages to send out my lucha swap this month, but thankfully so was my swap partner...and today, after a pretty rubbish start, I was lucky to receive my happy mail from Fiona!

What a wonderful surprise!

My parcel was from Fiona, who as it turns out, has been extremely generous! I could not have even imagined the lovely gifts that she has sent me - have a look!


Fiona sent me not just one, but FIVE books (My Family and Other Animals; Skellig: The Humans; Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal?; and Cloud Atlas), lots of yummy mango Yankee candle melts, sweeeeeeeeeets, summery music, a bird whistle, awesome sunnies,  handmade starfish and a handstitched narwhal! My boyfriend is a narwhal fan, so it will be added to the collection!

I'm not sure if Fiona knew that I am an avid reader, but if she did, this is the most amazing parcel for me. It really put a smile on my face, on a rubbish day, so thank you for all of these wonderful gifts. And a big thank you to all of the amazing Lucha Club ladies (and gents)!


  1. Lovely parcel <3 Gerald Durrell is my favourite author, I collect his books by the hundred xx

    1. I remember my brother having Skellig on audio cassette, as a kid, and I read it at school once so that will be a blast from the past! The others will all be new to me though, so that's super exciting! They have all been added to the ever growing reading pile!