Sunday, 19 July 2015

Ruben's Blanket

You will all have seen my recent snapshots of the baby blanket that I have been making for our friends Rich and Sarah, for the arrival of their first child! I'm pleased to say that on the 6th July, Ruben came into the world (and he's absolutely gorgeous!).

I finished Ruben's blanket last week and have some photos to share - I'm really pleased with how it's turned out!

A little wonky, but I love it

The pattern I used is the As-We-Go Stripy Blanket by Hannah Davis, and it's beautifully written. I learnt a few new stitches along the way as well, so that was great fun! Absolutely in love with the star stitch!

dc clusters, dc, hdc, catherine wheels, star stitch, bobble stitch and zig zags!

I opted to use a really funky yarn, and chose to work with Lang Yarns Baby Cotton, which comes in some absolutely gorgeous colours. Rich and Sarah didn't find out what gender Ruben was going to be, so I worked in rainbow. I think it works really well! The colours I used are 0016 (lime green), 0116 (green), 0078 (turquoise), 0075 (orange), 0060 (red), 0018 (dark green), 0014 (yellow), 0080 (purple), 0085 (pink), and 0006 (dark blue).

One of my fav colour sections

This project only took me 20 days to complete, which is partly due to it being a baby blanket, but I would love to make a few size one at some point...maybe when Ruben gets a bit bigger!

The pattern called for a ripply edge as an idea, but I wanted to keep things simple and opted for three rows of sc instead. I fell in love with the turquoise yarn so worked two rows of that, and finished with the green. I think it worked really well and ties everything in together nicely. I think it would probably also look really good with a bobble stitch border, as that would make a thicker band, but thats something to try on another day!

So what remains to say - I am still working on finishing the mammoth project that is Dave's blanket, and I won't do anything else until it's done now. It's really close to being finished, and it's been good to have a small break, but I need to crack back on with it now. Can't wait to see it done!

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