Sunday, 19 July 2015

A Much Needed Garden Update

I haven't updated on our garden in months (since the 19th April!) so lots has been going on since then! Dave and I cleared another load of shrubs from the bottom bed by the lawn, which I don't have progress pictures for. However, I can tell you that at the end of May, I started planting up the border around our small lawn section, and we also got a bird bath for the same area. It ended up looking like this...

Bird bath and Gardineas

Tiny Salvias, Cosmos, and Coreopsis

These plants have all filled out really nicely now - I absolutely adore the Coreopsis!

Today we have spent literally all day in the garden doing weeding, hedge trimming, and planting up some new flowers...this is how everything looks now!

This is the same bed, as above =)

Summer colours!

Bird bath area is filling out nicely

Working the jazzy colours!

It's looking so warm and summery now, I love it. There are still a few gaps I want to fill in this bed, and ideally I want some yellows, but all in all, it's looking awesome and I'm really pleased.

Another job today - Dave bought some willow canes and built a little structure to grow his grape vines on. We have moved one vine up to the bed and are going to see how it settles before taking the other one up there (just incase of disasters!). It looks good though...

Hopefully it will settle in ok! Fingers crossed, because they're lovely looking plants and we hope to get some grapes in a couple of years time, when they've matured!

One last bonus for today - whilst trimming some of the larger bushes in the garden, we came across this beautiful old birds nest!

There were blackbirds flying in and out of that bush last year, and at a guess it's a blackbird nest but I'm not certain. I don't even know how long it has been in there. Hopefully the birds will come back and build another one day though!

So it's been a super productive day. We are now sat outside, just chilling in the sunshine. In a little while I'm going to make some dinner and we can collapse for the evening. Hooray for productive days!

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