Saturday, 20 June 2015

So Close!

I have made super progress with Dave's blanket this week, and have managed to finish making all of the squares! Yep that's right - all 361 squares have been completed! That unfortunately leaves the long and tedious process of attaching them all, but thankfully I have been doing it 3 or 4 rows at a time, as I have been making the squares. Yesterday, I attached the final four rows, and today I have continued stitching in the other sides of each row.

I'm currently about 8 rows in, so I'm making steady progress. I'm having a quick breather at the moment, before I continue in a little while. I should have all the rows fully attached by the time I go back to work on Tuesday though. Then, it's just a case of the edging, which is one row of cream and one row of brown. Then comes pressing, and then...voila! I'm not sure where my sudden burst of enthusiasm has come from; perhaps it's the new yarn that arrived last week, for Rich and Sarah's blanket. Either way, I am pleased to be finished making squares, and working with something that is an actual blanket!

I have also just taken the time to go through my ever-growing Ravelry queue list and try and do some organising, to work out what my next make will be (after the baby blanket, obviously). I've culled a load of projects that no longer appeal to me, and have got it down to four pages of projects...haha! It's too soon to be talking about it, I know, but there are some Christmas makes that I want to get done this year, so obviously I need to crack on in advance. So I have looked at what I had planned and will work on those in the next few months.

Anyway, watch this space for the finished blanket post. It's so close now, and I can't wait to be snuggled under it, and enjoying the almost 2 years of work that will have gone into it! And also, being able to start a new project!

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