Sunday, 17 May 2015

La Corbière

After a week at work in St Helier, I am now free for my day off, before starting it all over again tomorrow! So last night, the sun was shining and I decided to head over to La Corbière with my camera. I actually visited earlier in the week, but arrived to find that my camera battery was flat and I couldn't take any proper photos - my bad!

Phone panorama from Tuesday evening

Corbière is about 15mins drive from my hotel, on the South Westerly tip of Jersey. There is a 10m lighthouse, out on the rocks (reachable by a causeway at low tide) and a memorial to a rescue that happened in the 90's. It's a seriously beautiful place, and is probably one of Jersey's most famous landmarks. Here's what I got from my exploration!

The beach on the top left, was taken on my way to the lighthouse, so isn't actually at Corbière, but the rest are all from there. The tide was in, so it meant the causeway was hidden, which made it look so much cooler. It's a wonderful place though, covered in wild flowers, and with some gorgeous rock pools down towards the causeway. I even had a quick paddle!

Today I am hoping to visit the Underground War Tunnels and then have another drive around the coast and just see what I come across. So I'll update you all later!

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