Thursday, 28 May 2015

Week 21

Coming home and enjoying some garden time!

21st - 28th May

From left to right: one of my lovely new Garvineas (bought with my birthday vouchers), a lovely BBQ cooked by my man, how to survive a ferry that's been delayed two hours and gets you home for 4am - Percy Pigs and Costa, tiredddddd with a few more hours in the Channel, my beautiful bird bath feature all planted up, a massive spider ran out of my kit yesterday, tent testing in the garden, me and the amazing Tom from The Inn in Jersey - he makes my stays so much fun, and a wall mural in Andover.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Daisy Daisy

Sunny afternoons, and daisy chains...

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Thursday, 21 May 2015

Week 20

Jersey Jersey Jersey!

14th - 21st May

From left to right: visiting the beautiful Corbière after work on Saturday, Ho8 (the underground war tunnels), The Devil's Hole from a distance, lovely waves, an amazing fish and chip dinner after a trip to the sea, awesome lighting in the tunnels, a very scary looking sky in St Helier, gorgeous white sand, and close in on some sea thrift!

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Sunday Exploration

A few days late adding this, but it has been the first evening that I've had a chance!

My day off on Sunday was really nice! I went to the Underground War Tunnels, as planned, and then just winged it for the rest of the day, which always brings up nice surprises! Here's my collage of the day!

I started out at the Tunnels (check out their website here!) first thing, and was so impressed. It cost £11.50 to get in, and I was there for nearly 2hrs overall. Upon buying your ticket, you are given an ID relating to someone from Jersey who lived during the German Occupation, and afterwards you can look them up on a wall chart and see what happened to them, which was really cool and made it very personal. The tunnels themselves were fantastic too - they have been restored so well and it's really interactive. My favourite parts were the air raid shelter, and the unfinished tunnel section (second from left at the bottom of the collage). What makes it better is that I would definitely visit again. It didn't feel like it would be boring a second time round and I will go back in the future when I am on the island.

After a quick cuppa in the café I grabbed a free map from the tunnel lobby, and scouted out some potential locations to move on to. I found a place called The Devil's Hole, which was on the North of the island, and somewhere that I hadn't heard of, so I decided to take a gamble and see what it was like! I'm now very glad that I did. You park at a pub and then it's just a 10min walk down to the coast, where you find the "hole" - a 200ft deep crater, where a cave collapsed. The views are absolutely stunning and you can see straight across to Guernsey and the other Channel Islands really clearly! It was also so peaceful down there, and I'm really glad that I managed to find it. On my way back up, I stumbled across another experience...

Blurry but you can see it!
I stopped halfway up the hill on my way back to the pub (where I intended to have lunch) and noticed something moving in the trees. After standing and looking for a second I found that I was watching two red squirrels playing! I really can't believe how lucky I was! They are so shy and we don't get them back on the mainland (except on Brownsea Island, and occasionally in zoos) so I feel really privileged to have found some in the wild like this. I even managed to get a really blurry photo of one of them, and am totally gutted that I didn't have a zoom lens to hand! It made me laugh that people were walking past, wondering why I was taking pictures of the trees, and totally missing out!

After some lunch, I then checked back on my map and opted to head a few miles West to Grosnez Castle. There isn't much there, but it was built in the 14th Century, so I'm impressed that there is anything left! By the time I got there, the weather has started to close in a little bit and it had gotten pretty grey and windy, so I didn't stay for too long; just had a walk around the ruins and then got back into my van to come back to my hotel.

I then wrote some postcards and chilled out for the rest of the afternoon, so all in all it was a perfect day! I am looking forward to my next trip to Jersey and being able to do a little more exploring when I am here again.

Monday, 18 May 2015


Tonight I am going for pizza with some of the lovely ladies from the store I am working in, here in Jersey. Yum yum!

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Sunday, 17 May 2015

La Corbière

After a week at work in St Helier, I am now free for my day off, before starting it all over again tomorrow! So last night, the sun was shining and I decided to head over to La Corbière with my camera. I actually visited earlier in the week, but arrived to find that my camera battery was flat and I couldn't take any proper photos - my bad!

Phone panorama from Tuesday evening

Corbière is about 15mins drive from my hotel, on the South Westerly tip of Jersey. There is a 10m lighthouse, out on the rocks (reachable by a causeway at low tide) and a memorial to a rescue that happened in the 90's. It's a seriously beautiful place, and is probably one of Jersey's most famous landmarks. Here's what I got from my exploration!

The beach on the top left, was taken on my way to the lighthouse, so isn't actually at Corbière, but the rest are all from there. The tide was in, so it meant the causeway was hidden, which made it look so much cooler. It's a wonderful place though, covered in wild flowers, and with some gorgeous rock pools down towards the causeway. I even had a quick paddle!

Today I am hoping to visit the Underground War Tunnels and then have another drive around the coast and just see what I come across. So I'll update you all later!

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Week 19

Voting, print buying, and another trip to Jersey!

7th - 14th May

From left to right: part of Jersey's beautiful coastline, a ship in St Helier for Liberation Day, bluebells outside our house, don't...wanna...get...up..., the Saint Malo sculpture at La Corbière, my massive pile of prints ready to go in my albums, La Corbière lighthouse, finally getting prints from August into a photo album, and an early start on St Helier highstreet.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Shrugs and Boleros

So far, May has been one of those awkward months where you are either too hot, or too cold. Do you wear a cardigan, or don't you? Thankfully, these little shrugs and boleros will suit most needs at this time of year!

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Thursday, 7 May 2015

Week 18

I'm not sure where all the nice weather has gone, but it's been a wet week!

30th April - 7th May

From left to right: chicken and halloumi traybake (which was delicious!), Weymouth's lovely marina, very wet pavements to promote on, my epic commute from Poole to Maidenhead, soaked, beautiful Spring buds, Weymouth beach in the sunshine when it eventually came, the empty patch where Dave and I ripped out another bush, and presents for the birthday boy!

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Birthday Cake

Today is Dave's birthday! So let's all have a slice of cake!

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Friday, 1 May 2015

Week 17

Less interesting pics this week! But a lot has happened...

23rd - 30th April

From right to left: wrapping, a BBQ at Rich and Sarah's - toasting marshmallows, brownie making, a really cool water feature we found at the garden centre, Rich has been tiling our bathroom, I labelled some jars of stuff in the kitchen, my new bird bath, broooooownies, and a really quiet day in Yeovil.