Sunday, 12 April 2015

Annual Leave

Woohoo! I am on annual leave for the next week, and soooooo badly need the time off! I'm glad that it's finally arrived too. I have loads planned, so I'm sure the time will pass way quicker than I ideally would like, but that's always the way right?

Jobs and plans for the week range over crochet, gardening, and cooking, as well as an outing to Glastonbury planned for Tuesday, and a night out to see Derren Brown on Friday night for my birthday - exciting! So it should be a really good week, all in all. I hope the weather continues to stay as nice as it was last week, so that I can really focus on the next phase of the garden. I am intending to visit another garden centre tomorrow for some ideas and maybe to pick up a couple of plants to add to the latest bed later in the week. I will see where the day takes me though; my main mission tomorrow is to go and get my eyes tested.

I have spent today finishing my book, looking up some new recipes, writing out this weeks meal plan for said recipes, online ingredient shopping, and am now listening to my chilled playlist. Going to go and make some chilli con carne in a second, which tonight is being served up with some chilli and cheese bread that I bought in Dorchester yesterday! Yum yum!

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