Sunday, 15 March 2015

Sickness Sucks

I hate being ill. I've got a really nasty cold that has totally drained me, and I feel rubbish. I want to crochet but have only managed one square, before feeling I was going to doze off, so I've had to stop for now. Having done a square count though, I am pleased to say that...

...I only have 39 squares left to make! Woohoo! I am so, so close. I remember being happy when I had just 100 squares left, but this feels really good. I just wish that I felt more able to actually make some to put towards the goal - grrrr! Anyway, I uploaded a photo to my Facebook page earlier, with the current status of my squares. I have so many green ones!

So I need about 7 more of each colour (except green) and then I will be finished! Well...with square making anyway. Then I can attach them, do the border, and will be left with the heaviest and most time consuming blanket ever. Bring it on!

...when I've had a nap.

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