Monday, 16 March 2015

Second Gift Swap

After the lovely gifts that I received in January's swap amongst members of Lucha Club, I decided to participate again in the Spring round. This time my swap partner was in Switzerland, and I sent her a variety of goodies including a candle, bookmark, dreamcatcher, rose quartz and some sweets (plus more!). She received her parcel today and was really pleased with it. I was lucky to get home to find my surprise post had also arrived - a gift from Alex in Cardiff...

Thank you!

My parcel contained two postcards, a skull soap, fridge magnet, brooch/badge, POW heart, face mask, and super cute fluffy bunny critter...which I am beyond in love with! It really flatters me that Alex took the time to make some of my items herself. Once I have finished my blanket project, I hope to do the same for my future swap partners, because it's a lovely gesture. I'm so so pleased with what I have received though, so thank you a million times over! Happy Monday, everyone x

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