Sunday, 1 March 2015

Happy Mail!

I was gutted, when I came home from work during the week, to find a red Post Office slip saying there had been an attempted delivery made. This was mainly due to knowing that said parcel was from Kitty Pinkstars, and it contained my owl pouch and lucha prize from February's draw! Yesterday, my lovely boyfriend went to the sorting office for me though, and picked up the parcel!


Firstly, I love how much effort Kitty puts into her wonderful mail for people - not only is the package bright pink, but the address sticker is customised. So let's open it up and see what's inside!

I spy fluff!


What an awesome happy parcel! A lovely note from Kitty, two owl notebooks (that she saw and thought I would like - how kind is that!), lucha stickers, a "Twit Twoo" magnet, and two stripy parcels. I love that this is like playing pass the parcel! Let's open the owly one first...

My owl pouch

I ordered the owl from Kitty's Etsy store - it's totally customised to my preference, which is really awesome. I love having something completely unique! It's also handmade, and the amount of hard work that's gone into it, is unreal. I absolutely love him and he is more than big enough for me to put my Kindle in, which is even more cool. Plus there was something extra inside...


Early morning dressing gown, makeup-less selfie!

Needless to say, I am absolutely thrilled with my owl! He's so so cute, and I was really surprised at how big it is! The colours are perfect, and the fur fabric really makes it special. I can't say thank you enough! But, onwards to the next little stripy parcel...

Twit Twoo!

For those unaware, I was selected as the winner of February's draw in Kitty's Lucha Club on Facebook, which basically meant that I was going to be turned into a Lucha plush and sticker (you can read more about it in my blog post here). Siân "Twit Twoo" Lister is the result of the luchafication (totally invented a new word there), and I think she's awesome!

My mini me!

My Lucha card makes me feel like some sort of secret agent xD

So there concludes my amazing Lucha/owl parcel! I couldn't have asked for a more amazing, personal and unique package, from a great lady. I strongly recommend anyone who wants to make some new friends and relax in a great happy and positive environment, comes and checks out the Lucha Club - and enter yourself into the monthly draw! You may end up being turned into a Lucha, just like me! There is also a new surprise mail swap about to start, so come and get involved!

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