Sunday, 22 March 2015

Garden: Stage 1

Today I started my work in the garden! Like I mentioned last week (in this entry), I have decided to set myself a list of goals for the upcoming months, in our front and back gardens. Today marked the beginning of my gardening season, and I started by tackling the small bed at the bottom of the back garden.

It's a straight bed but looks curved due to the panorama photo!

I went out to my local garden centre, with a few plant ideas in mind, and came back with a few bags of plants, and a couple of ornaments! Since moving in, last year, it's been important to me to make sure that our garden is wildlife friendly, and I chose plants to attract butterflies and bees.

Planted up!

It looks a little sparse at the moment, but obviously once the plants have settled and started to grow out into the bed it will look a little fuller. We both really like the bush that is just off centre, because it changes colour throughout the year, so I worked around that. Anyway, the bed looked so much better just for being weeded and having the soil turned!

Birds eye view

Apologies for the massive and badly stitched panorama there...but it gives you an idea of the layout - you'll probably have to click and enlarge the image to make any sense of it! Anyway, the bed now includes Scabiosa, Saxifrage, Lavender, Fritillary, Aquilegia and a couple of others, which I forget the name of. I also bought two black ornamental balls to break it up, and the three solar lights to add a bit of interest at night - for £1.99 each, they're pretty good too.

It's not a massive bed, but it's a good step in the right direction to getting everything else sorted, and to how we want it. I just totally winged it today and am pleased with the result. Like I said, I am looking forward to seeing it in a month or two when the plants have settled properly.

Money well spent haha

My three little lights look like Orion's Belt lol. They do actually look a little better in real life (my phone camera isn't that great). I'm pleased all the same.

Another job done today - Dave put up a new bird box that his Dad made for me, so hopefully it may get some residents this year. If not, in the future. We have hidden it away in one of the conifer trees, so hopefully it will attract some life.

Stage 2 is going to either be attacking the flower bed under our bedroom window, or digging up the massive fuchsia plant in the back garden, so that I can start on another bed out there. That will leave the bottom tier of the garden, pretty much sorted. Watch this space for another update soon (I hope!). And let me know what you think of today's handiwork!

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