Sunday, 15 March 2015

Garden Goals

After having spent an hour or so in the garden this morning with Dave, mowing the lawns, strimming and refilling the bird feeders, I have decided to set myself some garden targets for this year. I want to work through the garden(s) piece by piece, on my days off, and leave it as a surprise each time. Dave reads my blog so he is already aware, but I won't tell him what I intend to do each week. Obviously, it is all weather permitting, but I am going to assemble a list of what I want to achieve in the upcoming months and then hopefully get it done on my days off! I have lots of ideas for both the front and back gardens, so why not take advantage of the good weather (though today has turned out to be pretty dreary and cold) and get it done! The we will have a fantastic looking garden ready for the summer!

First mission will obviously be to do some weeding and get the beds ready for new plants and flowers, but I am really looking forward to going to the garden centre and buying new flowers! I have always loved plant shopping (how sad is that?). There is a list of basics that I have already thought of, so it'll be cool to add to that, as I see it. I also want to buy a few extra bits, like a new bird bath and maybe a bird table at some point too - something I want to look for until I find the perfect one! So watch this space...I will try and get everything updated as it happens.

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