Sunday, 8 February 2015

My Day Off - Part 2

After my wonderful morning making candles, I decided to go and check out some of the local coastal scenery. The weather over the last week has been truly horrible; battling with rain, snow, and really heavy winds causing ferries to be cancelled towards the end of the week, so today it was wonderful to see some sun and a little bit of blue sky! It was even 9℃ at one point!

I wish I could give you the names of these lovely places, but I was exploring without my satnav. I know I was headed in the direction of Cobo Bay, so these are some of the places I passed on the way!

I even went down onto the beach for a short time...mostly because I was wearing heeled boots, which aren't entirely practical for beach walking! It was lovely to take a short stroll on the sand though.

I also found a fort, which I'm assuming was WWII in age, that looked out over the view at the top of the page. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get inside, but it was still cool to see. I passed a number of other forts and towers on my way back to my hotel.

Hooray for beautiful blue seas. Like I said, it was so refreshing to see the sea when it wasn't choppy and grey!

So, tomorrow morning I embark onto the next stage of my work trip, and am heading over to Jersey on the 11am ferry. I'll see you there!

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