Sunday, 1 February 2015

I've Been Luchafied!

Happy February, everyone!

Further to my post a few days ago about receiving my lovely surprise Lucha Club parcel, I have more awesome club news to share! Last night, my name was drawn from the hat and I am being luchafied!

My name, with Kitty's fabulous Lucha mask!

This means that I am going to be made into a plush and a sticker, in my fabulous Lucha form. Of course it is owl themed (why wouldn't it be) and I was super excited to see the doodle posted up on the Facebook group this morning!

Siân "Twit-Twoo" Lister

I absolutely love her hehe! Kitty's Lucha Club has been such awesome fun so far, and I've made some lovely new friends during January, so I'm looking forward to the rest of 2015 and seeing the group expand! You can check out Kittypinkstars Lucha Club here on Facebook. Be sure to enter yourself into the prize draw, to see yourself luchafied! I never win anything, so was super surprised to see my name appear on the page!

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