Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Surprise Post!

I have always thought that it is nice to do something simple to please others - it doesn't take a grand gesture to make someone smile, and that's one of the reasons I used to really enjoy Postcrossing (though I haven't had any time for that in the last year due to crazy work commitments unfortunately). But recently I was invited to join the Little Luchas club on Facebook, set up by Kitty Pinkstars; a fantastic online crafting friend. It has come about that some of the members are sending out surprise mail to each other. We are randomly selected a partner and then have a week to put together a little something for that person, be it just a postcard, something handmade, or just something to put a smile on their face. Today, I received my surprise parcel from the lovely Caroline!

Happy mail!

What a great thing to arrive home to! Just seeing a little parcel for me (that wasn't from Amazon!) was enough to make me smile. And the contents were really cute too...

Thank you Caroline!

Badges, postcards, a clip, a tiny cup and saucer, and a lovely handmade storage case! The case will more than likely become the new home of my crochet hook collection (I have a Kitty Pinkstars pouch ordered, but now I know that they are big enough for a Kindle, I think that may be housing all my books!).

I love the concept of this little project. It was great fun choosing pieces to send to my partner, and I'm looking forward to the next swap so that I can make someone happy again. At least, with working away a lot at the moment, it means I can send some things that I can't buy at home! I may even pick up a few bits and pieces while I'm away in the Channel Islands. It's a great feeling knowing that someone, somewhere, will have their day made knowing that someone they've never met, cares enough to send them a present. Hooray for good old fashioned "snail mail".

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