Friday, 2 January 2015

Four New Rows

I am a few days behind posting this, but progress hasn't moved on since. I spent New Years Eve attaching the next rows to Dave's blanket, and managed to get 4 out of the pile of squares that I had, before running out of yellow - boo! But the blanket is now measuring 19x15 squares, which is 285 attached, and I have 19 left in my stash, which puts my current total at 304!

I have broken the 300 square mark! That feels absolutely amazing haha! I am definitely now on the home straight, with just 57 left to go. So, with a few more balls of yarn left to order, I can really crack on with the remaining squares, and get this project finished. I can't wait! Here's a current status shot...

It definitely looks like a blanket now! And only needs four more rows (and the edging) to be finished. I like seeing it from above too, as it means I can see how the colour spacing is working out. I've tried to be random with the colourings, and am really pleased with the effect. It'll look even better when it's finished.

Row attaching, and an idea of the size!

Facebook followers will have already seen the above picture, so I'm glad to get it up on my blog as well now. You can really see the scale of the blanket - some of my is actually draped over the other arm of the sofa, so it goes on even further!

So now, without further of my aims for the new year is to get this finished for Dave's birthday in May! Game on!


  1. Looking great! So jealous... Wish I could crochet so badly! Go girl xx