Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Back On the IOW

It's my first stay-away for work, of 2015, and I am spending it back on the Isle of Wight. For those in the US, or elsewhere, that are unsure of where this island lies, it can be found right at the bottom of the United Kingdom, and only takes a 45min ferry journey to get to.

Isle of Wight

I am staying in Sandown (right) and working just outside Newport (centre) for the week, and despite the stupid time that I have to get up to catch my ferry here, I do quite enjoy visiting the island. This is my third visit, since I started my job as a baby/toddler photographer, and I'm always made very welcome.

Sailing out of Lymington at 07:45, Tuesday morning

I have brought my crochet with me, but have been too tired to actually do any for the last couple of nights. However, in a couple of weeks time I have a massive trip away for work, back to the Channel Islands - one week in Guernsey followed immediately by a fortnight in Jersey, so I will have plenty of time to work on blanket squares then, on my days off! I'm quite looking forward to going back to Jersey, but the prospect of a 3 week trip away from home isn't entirely appealing. Alas, onwards and upwards! I am now going to browse eBay for some new props to use on my studio kit, as I have finally cleared out my Christmas drawer and am ready to fill it with something new for 2015!

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