Sunday, 7 December 2014

The tree is up!

Woohoo! So, I am back from Exmouth for the weekend, before I go back down to Exeter for work next week, and have started putting up the Christmas decorations! After a lovely evening last night with friends, I was feeling particularly festive, so this morning Dave and I went out and bought our new Christmas tree!

Dining room light off and on

Everything is turquoise and white, and looks really pretty (except my wrapping, which is a chaotic rainbow this year!). We did buy a star for the top, but the branch wasn't strong enough to hold it up, so I need to find another. Underneath is Dave's one choice of festive decoration; Humbug the Snail...

Humbug - guardian of the Christmas presents!

We did actually find Humbug in a Christmas display, and the lack of festivity displayed in it, appealed to we now have a felt snail sat under our Christmas tree haha!

As for gift wrapping this year, I have opted for Bright Stripes paper, by John Lewis, with matching gift tags. I've then added felt stars in colours to match the paper, as an embellishment. It's not as fancy as some of my previous wrapping, but I still think it's pretty cute. I really love the colours!

The pile of presents is slowly going down, and I'm getting it wrapped bit by bit - it's hard working away a lot in the lead up to Christmas...I feel so behind!

Tomorrow, I am going to be doing some more wrapping. I also need to go out and run a few errands, including buying a few more decorations for the tree to fill up the last gaps. So it's going to be a fabulously festive day overall! Then back to Devon on Tuesday, for another week...

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