Saturday, 27 December 2014

Gingerbread House

This afternoon, I have decorated our gingerbread house! A few days late, but it looks delicious all the same!

It didn't cost much and gave me about an hours entertainment - I'm so pleased with how it turned out! We will tuck into it tomorrow, when Dave's parents and Grandmother come to visit...yummy!

We had a wonderful Christmas; our first one spent alone. We ate lots, watched films, and just chilled was very relaxing. Then yesterday we went and visited each of our families, and did Christmas all over again! Today has been another quiet one, with some housework, packing away the wonderful gifts we have received, and more food haha. Dinner tonight will consist of some of the remaining roast from Thursday, so at least that is easy.

I am off work until the 6th January now, so am intending to get lots of crochet in during my time off. I have made a few more dark blue squares for the blanket, and it felt great getting some more of it done. Alas, I need to make another yarn order before I'll be able to get too much further. I'm still within clutching distance of finishing Dave's blanket though - pictures and a square count update to come!

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