Wednesday, 24 September 2014


I am on annual leave for the week, which has been a long time coming! Lots is going on too! A mixture of decorating, housework, and me time - yesterday was a combination of both, and today has very much been about me.

Dave and I are currently decorating our lounge, and it's been like a building site in there for the last few days. Tomorrow, the plasterer is coming in to start work on getting everything looking slightly more normal again, so we should be able to start painting next week! Exciting times, definitely.

Regarding the rest of my week though, I am staying in for the most part, so that someone is around while builders and workmen are here. Yesterday I got to do some gardening for 3 hours, which was lovely. The weather is really starting to cool down now, but I warmed up eventually!

Clearing out old plants, ready to turf at some point...

I bought some bulbs a few days ago, so I planted those yesterday - tulips and fritillary! I can't wait for those to start appearing in the Spring - definitely something to look forward to.

The "woodland" patch at the end of the garden - perfect for bulbs!

The patch right at the end of the garden doesn't lend itself well to many plants. There are some decent sized trees down there, and it doesn't get too much light. But during Spring this year, it was full of bluebells, so I thought it'd be nice to add some extra bulbs to it this year, and see what happens!

I really hope that they do come up. It will make a difference to the end of the garden! It should all be a mixture of blues and purples, which should look really nice. So watch this space!

I also pruned some of the large shrubs and bushes, as well as clearing old and unwanted plants from a few of the flower beds. Ideally I would like to do a little more work out there before my week off concludes, but today was very wet (earlier, anyway) so it wasn't possible.

However, instead I have spent some time adding to my recipe journal, which really needed doing! I've discovered lots of great recipes lately, and whenever they work out well, I add them to my journal (providing they're from the internet and not one of my recipe books). It's coming together nicely now, with a good variety of different recipes - everything from stirfry to pulled pork! It will continue to grow over time too, which is great. I have also had some time today to settle down with my crochet, which is still going well. Square by square, I am slowly getting to my goal! The count currently sits at 279, with 82 remaining!

I'm getting so so close now! And some great news came to my attention earlier as well - the lovely friend that I made the owl blanket for last year, has had some more special I will need to finish this project and get my hook working ready for that arrival in February!

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